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Natural Fabrics:

Cotton (durable, easy to clean) This natural fiber provides good resistance to wear, fading and pilling, least resistant to soiling and wrinkling.

Cotton blend (sturdy, family friendly) Good for everyday use, but I recommend fabric protection to be applied.

Linen (stays clean, absorbs moisture) Best suited for formal living room or adult areas but does resist pilling and fading.

Silk (delicate, soft) Only suitable for formal living area. Should be professionally cleaned.

Wool (water repellent, durable) Good resistance to pilling and fading and can be spot cleaned. Warm in the summer and cool in the winter.

Man made fabric types

Acetate & Triacetate (imitation silk, tends to wear) Resist mildew,  pilling and shrinking but only offers fair resistance to soil and wrinkle and fades in the sun. Not a good choice of fabric for furniture you use everyday.

Acrylic ( resists wear, lightweight) Imitation wool, resist wrinkling, soiling and fading.

Microfiber (durable, easy to clean) Lightweight, highly absorbent and does not stain or wrinkle easy.

Nylon (soil resistant, durable) Usually blended with other fibers to make one of the strongest upholstery fabric. Very resilient!

Note: Any and all fabric should be spot sprayed with fabric protection before applying all over.

Sample yardage chart: